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Since the foundation of Tiglon Partners in 2008, we have sailed through some rough waves such as the failure of Lehman Brothers and European debt crisis. Even though such time, we have been expanding our network for client companies and professional talents. The secondary market for professional human resources is growing currently. Business model is changing every year with various forms of companies and development of IT technology. Even then, the necessity for hiring talented and professionals externally has not changed and it is expected to expand more. What we need to do as a top executive firm is to connect the company who are looking to hire and talented professionals, continue to be the only platform who has both speed and quality, and make contributions to further development of Japanese economy.

Managing Director Kojiro Nojiri

Company Information

Name Tiglon Partners Ltd.
Headquarters Urban Toranomon Building 9th Floor 1-16-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001 Japan Tel:+813 6406 0211 Fax:+813 6406 0212
Major Products Executive search
Agency License 13-ユ-302705
Established April 2007
Capital 13,742,000 yen
CEO Kojiro Nojiri
Member of the Board Junichi Wada
Katsuo Kawate
Advisor Toshihide Endo(the former Commissioner of Financial Services Agency)
Shohei Matsuda(the former president of HSBC Global Asset Management)
Company History April 2007
Akamai Financial Markets Japan was founded as a subsidiary market of Akamai Financial Markets in London.
May 2008
The Japanese company became independent due to the share transfer. Kojiro Nojiri was appointed as the CEO.
August 2008
The company name was changed to Tiglon Partners Ltd.

We are a member of InterSearch, a one of the top global alliance of executive search firms. Established in 1989, InterSearch has networks in more than 50 countries worldwide. Search firms with strong track record, reliable expertise, and excellent reputation are carefully selected in respective regions and markets. Tiglon Partners has been selected as the new associated member firm in Japan for InterSearch.

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