For companies who are thinking about recruiting

Reasons for the excellent research ability



Wide network for human resources and database accumulated for 15 years.

We are proud of the fact that we can select the optimal person among the abundant number of selection.

Researchers that specializes in the financial and healthcare industries are positioned in each special field.

Our excellent researchers who have proficient knowledge of the industry can find you a talented person.

We can show you high quality candidates in a short amount of time.

We can show you professional people that are desired by the client in a short amount of time.

Recruitment Case

Case 1.

In order for a foreign investment bank to re-construct the team, we did mapping in order to understand the lineup for the competitors. Total of 6 people, from a result Analyst to Managing Director, were hired.

Case 2.

Research for starting up the Tokyo office for a foreign investment fund was requested. In the end, 5 staff including CEO were hired.

Case 3.

A foreign asset management company was confidentially looking for a senior sales representative to improve the team and a person introduced by our company was selected and hired.

Case 4.

A foreign asset management company was looking for staff for multiple departments for expanding business and a total of 6 staff were hired.

Case 5.

A foreign bank was looking for a candidate for corporate banking and we did the mapping. The person who was referred from our company was hired.


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