欧州系資産運用会社 Risk Manager

• Identifying and analyzing business, financial, operational and conduct risks
• Developing risk management controls and contingency plans
• Communicating recommendations to management
• Secretary of RCC

• Conduct assessments to define and analyze possible risks
• Evaluate the impact of each risk by considering its consequences
• Audit processes and procedures
• Develop risk management controls and systems
• Design processes to eliminate or mitigate potential risks
• Create contingency plans to manage crises
• Evaluate existing policies and procedures to find weaknesses
• Prepare reports and present recommendations
• Help implement solutions and plans
• Evaluate employees’ risk awareness and train them when necessary
• Secretarial work for RCC
• Act as second line role to support the first line/business, and liaise with third line/role 




• Experience of the financial regulation of markets, products and services
• Proven experience as a Risk Manager
• Knowledge of risk assessment and control
• Experience with auditing and reporting procedures
• Familiarity with industry compliance standards and regulations
• Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
• Attention to detail
• BA in Law, Business, Finance or a related field
• Business level English of speaking and writing
• Understand and demonstrate company’s core values