Private information policy

Tiglon Partners Ltd. will follow the policy for protecting private information and handle private information appropriately according to the policy.

1. Private information

Private information is information regarding individuals including name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information attached to individuals such as number, mark, and other signs, images, and sound that can identify the individual. Private information includes information acquired through writing, electronic medium, website, and oral communication, private information acquired through conducting business as well as information acquired as a result of providing our service.

2. Acquisition of private information and usage

The purpose of acquiring private information is to conduct executive search and other business relate to the operation of this company. The use of private information in this company is limited to the purpose indicated above.

3. Providing private information

The company will handle the private information provided by our clients appropriately and will not provide it to a third party without the connect of the concerned person unless the provision is required by law.

4. Outsourcing companies and others

If we outsource the operation that deals with private information, we will select the outsourcing company carefully and make a contract on confidentiality related to private information.

5. Disclosure, revision, and deletion of private information

If the company is asked to disclose private information provided by an individual, we will correspond to the request quickly only when it is verified that the request was made by the person himself or herself.

6. The policy for protecting private information and revision in the future

The company will take necessary measures to avoid leakage of private information, prevent unauthorized access to private information by improving the internal management system, and making appropriate management system such as thorough training of our staff. We will review and improve the handling of private information periodically.

January 2009
Tiglon Partners Ltd.
Kojiro Nojiri, CEO